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How to Choose The Best Quality Dog Food

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The following videos give a guided explanation of pet food ingredients as Dr. Karen Becker illustrates how to choose the best quality dog food by learning to read dog food labels.

Dr. Karen Becker DVM, NMD has a long list of credentials including membership at the American Veterinary Medical Association, and also the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. She is a frequent lecturer on wildlife rehabilitation as well as holistic pet care.

It is very refreshing to see a veterinarian who is not only an extremely qualified and knowledgable pet food expert, but one who is also not afraid to speak the truth about commercial dog food ingredients.

Watch as Dr. Becker explains why the BARF diet (raw food for dogs) is her first choice as the best quality dog food you can feed your pet.

Next on her list is canned dog food or dehydrated dry dog food and, lastly, dry kibble (mainly due to its low moisture content).

She also advocates grain free dog food, and feeding a variety of different products, i.e. mix it up!

After listening to Dr. Becker's comments, we hope you'll also take another long hard look at all the other so-called "vet recommended dog food" which, in our opinion, is truly one of the biggest marketing scams of the pet food industry!

These are excellent instructional videos where good and bad pet food ingredients are explained in clear, easy to understand language. Cat owners, this information applies to you too. :) We highly recommend all our visitors take the time to watch them.

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